Trigger Unit
Start the sequencer remotely

RhinoFire Trigger Box

Trigger Unit for the RhinoFire Firework Sequencer

The unit can be used to start the RhinoFire Firework Sequencer on up to 500M of wire.

The unit can also be used to fire e-match or Talon firework igniters directly on up to 40M of shooting wire.

This is the ideal companion to our RhinoFire Firework Sequencer. The Trigger Unit lets you start and stop the timed firework sequence safely without the use of an external firing system. You can also step through cues one by one using the Trigger Unit for full manual firing.


  • Built in continuity tester with bright red LED
  • Key arming switch with 2 metal keys
  • High quality fire / start button
  • High quality screw down terminals for connecting wire
  • Strong and durable high visibility ABS plastic enclosure
  • Powered from a standard 9V battery
  • Designed by EasyPyro, Made in the UK


  • Battery: 9V PP3
  • Size: 170mm x 90mm x 20mm
  • Fire Current: 6A with Energizer Industrial battery
  • Test Current: 15mA
  • Weight: 150g
  • Terminals: 4mm banana plug binding post

RhinoFire firework sequencer control confetti shooters

RhinoFire firework sequencer control confetti shooters