Case Studies

The RhinoFire firework sequencer can be used to expand any existing Firework Firing System. Simply connect the Trigger Input to any cue on your firing system, and when you fire that cue, the sequencer will start or step to the next cue.

Using the Step Mode, this could simply be used to fire the next cue sequentially each time a Trigger Input pulse is received.

Using the more advanced Timed Modes (Equal, Different or Clock Mode) this could be a complete sequence of effects such as a segment of show or finale of shells.

Some users have even fired complete pyromusical firework shows just using RhinoFire sequencers connected together. One of the great strengths of the sequencer is its simplicity combined with flexibility.

RhinoFire firework sequencer expanding firework firing system.

The sequencer is also perfectly capable of controlling relays and air valves for SFX.

The image opposite shows a RhinoFire firework sequencer being used to control a bank of relays controlling a mixture of pyrotechnic and pneumatic effects for a movie production.

SFX industry professionals love our sequencers because of their reliability and ease of use.

We are also able to offer custom software and hardware modifications for the exacting requirements of the Special Effects industry. Please contact us to find out more.

RhinoFire firework sequencer control relays.

The sequencer can also be used to fire electric confetti shooters.

The precise timing offered by the sequencer allows you to make really interesting rapid fire confetti effects.

They have also been used to enable remote control balloon bursts using elecric matches or hotwire igniters.

RhinoFire firework sequencer control confetti shooters