"I must confess that the firework sequencer is well planned. A very useful firing system tool with all features you need!"

Lothar Halbauer, Fantasy-on-Fire, Germany.

"The firework sequencer looks and feels great!"

Steve Winzell, Sweden.

"I would recommend this to anyone wanting a reliable, trustworthy firework firing system and a great build quality. Brilliant product!"

Danny Rhodes, UK.

"Excellent product! Functional and versatile. Thank you, EasyPyro."

Ciro Abbonante, Italy.

"The STEP13 firework sequencer has allowed me to expand my existing analogue and digital firework firing systems quickly and effectively."

Toby Stewart, Artem Effects, UK.

"I have been using my STEP13 firework sequencer quite regularly, and have been very happy with every aspect of its performance."

Colin McLaughlin, USA.

"I got to use the RhinoFire box on an arch rack we made consisting of 36 x 2" tubes. Programed it to do a fan effect with 0.3s between shots, every one fired and looked great!"

Lee Manville, U.K.

"The RhinoFire firework sequencer worked perfectly and set off igniters over substantial lengths of shooting wire (30m) which was just what I needed and the waterproof case came in very handy as the whole day of set up was beset with high winds and heavy rain."

Dave Parr, UK.

"It was very wet and windy most of the day and they performed flawlessly. I have to say the build quality is [also] very good...they get a big thumbs up from me!"

Glen Pearson, Shockwave Pyrotechnics Ltd, UK.

"I have a couple and must say they are excellently made and perfect for integration with Pyromate or Cobra Firing System. The STEP13 firework sequencer has allowed me to expand my existing analogue and digital systems quickly and effectively. It is extremely useful when you only need a few smaller sequences and do not want to have slats at each location with many un-utilised cues. Programming is simple and the build quality is superb, all at an unrivalled price!"

Simon Harding, Sirotechnics Ltd, UK.

"We used the RhinoFire firework sequencer in Clock Mode to time a sequence of effects and shells to music thoughout a 3 minute display. Without it, it would have been very difficult. Even in the -10 Celcius (yes, -10!) conditions it ran to time and fired everything perfectly. This was despite a heavy covering of frost on the box at the time of the display. Clearly an impressive and well build device!"

Cris Mattews, Mattews Brothers Pyrotechnics, UK.

"The product is finished to such a high standard, I wish all firing systems were like this! The amount of functions in this unit are incredible, it has brought a new level to our professional displays. The support that you get from EasyPyro is second to none and we will continue use EasyPyro as a supplier of new and forward thinking products. I would highly recommend the STEP13 to any company."

Robert Morton, Moray Firth Fireworks Ltd, UK.