Firework Sequencer / Special Effects Sequencer

Industry Leading

The RhinoFire Firework Sequencer is an industry leading programmable special effects sequencer. It can be used with an existing Firework Firing System to add timed effects or it can be used on it's own.

Case Studies

Easy To Use

You can easily program the RhinoFire Firework Sequencer from the front panel. No computer is required! You can quickly adjust the timings in the field to achive the effect you want. Simple operation means fewer mistakes and less operator training.

Technical Details

Rugged & Reliable

The RhinoFire Firework Sequencer is a high quality product designed and manufactured in the UK. The sequencer is safe, secure and reliable and is used all over the world. Check out what our customers have to say.

Customer Testimonials

The sequencer is not just for fireworks. The RhinoFire is a great special effects sequencer for relays, pyro and pneumatics used in the special effects industry.

The example oppposite shows several RhinoFire Sequencers connected together and controlling a complex combined pyrotechnic and pneumatic rig for a high budget film production.

The following key features make the RhinoFire Sequencer trusted by Special Effects professionals around the world.

SFX Key Features

  • Simple and easy to adjust timings on-set / in the field.
  • Rugged and reliable.
  • Adjustable timing interval and pulse duration in 10ms increments
  • Small, ligthweight unit.
  • High performance to price ratio.
  • Simple wired control links for increased reliability.
  • Daisy chain multiple units for greater flexibility.
RhinoFire firework sequencer connected together to control air valves.


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